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Carl Soete


Carl Soete (Belgian) is the painter of the city.


The city is for him a playground with signs, symbols, shapes and colors.  Without these, the city would be drab and gray.


His paintings express the dynamics and the liveliness of the city through powerful stripes or wide dots connected to each other in order to reflect the multiplicity of urban lights.


With vivid colors, he expresses the various interconnecting lights of the city: car head lights, advertising panels, stores windows, street ligths...


Carl's paintings express the colorful emotion resulting from the organised chaos of urban life.


Carl currently lives and works in Belgium. 




SOETE Broadway,olie,80x120web.jpg
SOETE NY03J16_acryl80x120_web.jpg
SOETE TrafficLights,olie,80x120web.jpg
SOETE Twilight_acryl_100x150web.jpg
SOETE Upbeat_acryl_180x100web.jpg
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