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Tigi van gil (Belgian) studied marketing and then styling.


He started his career as an international fashion model but very quickly moved to the other side of the lense and took up photography.  He produced photos for advertising campaigns and magazines for more than 10 years while living (a large part of his time) in New York.


In 2009, he had his first exhibition named after his book "Superposure" which was quickly followed by others around the world.


Tigi's work combines pictures and painting in order to create a universe of surrealism, abstraction and urbanity.  He loves a world of superposition combining street art and its signature: a sphere which distorts portraits, landscapes... The world of Tigi reinvent the codes of contemporary art and establishes a poetic language of its own.


His work is like a permanent work in progress that he calls: "Be in sphere & be part of it".





Tigi van gil

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