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Benoît Feron

Benoît Feron (Belgian)is a photographer in love with Africa.


He likes its unparalleled light, its infinite nature and wildlife but also and above all the diversity and the extreme beauty of its people. That drives him to focus primarily on primitive tribes.


He especially focus on the Eastern Rift Valley were he travelled for more than 10 years. His last trips were in 2013 (he spend 3 months) and July 2014.  As a result he covered the entire valley and its ethnic.


Benoît is the author of several books incliding Surma faces and Bodies at the Renaissance du Livre (2007) and an important exhibition in Brussels in 2014: Portaits of the Rift




B. Feron_Rift lacs _ 2014.jpeg
B. Feron_Rift Lacs 144_2014.jpeg
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